Conference Schedule
At IFEMUN, we have a schedule that gives our delegates a once in a lifetime experience, offering them
with ample time to participate in their committee sessions as well as various social and cultural
activities to ensure that they have enough time to rest their minds and bodies.
They are also a plethora of trainings and sessions both virtual and physical for our first time and
learning delegates, aimed at making them more vast and skilled so they aren’t left out when the
conference kicks off properly.
Ilé-Ifè, the host city of the IFEMUN is famous for being the cradle of life, the birthplace of the human
race and the home of all Yorubas across the globe. In a bid to give our Ambassadors and delegations
from different nations a foretaste of this culturally rich city, we would be going on a tour of selected
historical sites within the city.
At IFEMUN, we understand that youths have come together from various countries across the globe to
learn, glean from each other’s experiences and share from a diverse range of ideas and backgrounds
in a bit to learn about the United Nations, International Relations and Diplomacy. As such, it is
imperative that networking and rest is a priority. With events like the Ekáabò Night, networking breaks
and a host of other activities, Delegates are guaranteed of this.
At the Ife Model United Nations 2021, all is in place to deliver to our Delegates a world class
experience and a Model United Nations that they’ve never seen before.

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